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The Jewish Jewels office will be closed for vacation from November 23 until December 4th, 2022.  We will attend to any orders placed during that time when we return on December 5th. We pray it does not cause any inconvenience for you in receiving your order. Thank you for your patience.


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At Jewish Jewels, we have many ministries, but three very specific goals… 1. To share the Good News with the Jewish people that Messiah Has Come. 2. To educate the Church about its Jewish Roots. 3. To minister the Love of God to all people. Help us touch the lives of many with your donation.
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A thirst for the things of God
Thank you so much for this ministry called Jewish Jewels. I learn something new each time I watch. God bless you all there. When I''m watching I''m feeling joy and peace and a knowing in my spirit, a drawing and thirst for the things of God. God is doing something wonderful with His people and the others, those of us Gentiles, born again, in Yeshua. Praise Him!
Reviewed by: Peggy H. from Orangevale, CA. on 8/14/2013
mr.vince clarke
very good!
Reviewed by: vince clarke from Sunrise, FL. on 4/2/2011
Great program
Thanks for such a great program on television. My husband's grandchildren will be the benefactors of some of these traditions about which I am learning.
Reviewed by: Judith from Kearney, MO. on 3/30/2011
I am a Baptist minister, and I thank God for your program, Jewish Jewels. It has been very informative and enlightening for me and I have been able to share with my congregation many wonderful Biblical truths from your Jewish insight into the Scriptures. There are so many people in churches today who do not know anything about the Feasts and the background tradition of the Jewish faith, and missing out on so much of what the Scriptures mean. Thank you for your work in enlightening me and so many others by your outreach ministry. I have learned so much. May God continue to bless you and your program, because it has blessed so many.
Reviewed by: Ken P. from N/A. on 2/28/2002
Understanding Jesus
Ever since I ws a child I loved to hear Jewish/Hebrew songs and the spoken language. Your program really helped me to understand not just the words but the depth of the meaning of the life in Jesus. I am happy that I was able to watch your program and I speak blessings to you both and your ministry.
Reviewed by: Wanda C. from Greenville, SC. on 2/22/2002
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Donate to our outreaches in Israel
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